Award winning experience designer, specialising in physical and digital mediums.

"Working with Ben on Rapunzel in December 2023 has been a delight.

His ability to bring the vision to life whilst keep all the cogs turning is a testament to his craft in design.

The level of professionalism that he has brought to PADOS is a joy and the updated website is more accessible and easy to navigate for everyone"

Claire - PADOS Theatre Group

The highlight reel

I have had the opportunity to work on several projects across different mediums that have led to successful results for the organisation. Each one has presented its challenges but I have risen to each with professionalism and optimism.

"Ben took the lead on the instore visuals within stores across the area.

Utilising key metrics and creativity, he helped take the concept flagship store to a 10% rise in turnover compared to the previous year.

His creativity to deal with a high stock volumes and fast product turnover whilst keeping the store on brand is an testiment to his design talents"

Rick - Jack & Jones

Design services

I have strong experience in multiple mediums of design. How can I help you make your project stand out and be successful for your business?

Retail window design

Store windows are important assets which need strategy and design flair. Adding a touch of theatre to the visuals can help create a compelling welcome.

Retail visual strategy

Customer journeys in-store are important to reduce pain points and increase delight. I create strategies for this based on research and data that increase sales, embed marketing campaigns and showcase your brand in the best light.

Theatrical set design​

Theatre is so much more than just performers, but also the world in which they reside. Stage design has been something I have focused on to bring new worlds to life that delight audiences.

Event design​

Help unify brand and customer relations to increase revenue or brand loyalty. Events allow you to connect further with your audiences and understand their needs to better provide for them.

User experience strategy & design​

Digital products are an integral part of modern business and customer experience. Understanding and designing these journeys is important to ensure a smooth holistic experience for your business.